Custom CD ROM 45.00 + 5.00 Shipping/Insurance

Due to *MANY* requests, the SAGE CD ROM is now legally available, and it contains all the images we have of SAGE, including re-scans.

Those images are on the Texas Glamour 2.0

SAGE was shot only by PGG Graphics, Inc. and Texas Glamour Photography -- so these 2 CD's contain all there is of her!

The Sage CD has 200 images, including a few dupes and rescans, as well as a Windows-style screen saver that we don't guarantee will work on any system, but it runs for us under 3.1, 3.11, and NT 3.51, and appears to run under '95 about as well as anything does.  It's  a bonus to spice up your day.

To order: This item is not currently available!

The CD will be sent to you, customized, in a few days. All images are for personal use only, and not for reposting anywhere.

We need your name, E-mail & Postal address, age, and signature, and a statement:

I am of legal age, and legally able to request and receive photos containing unrated nudity via the US Mails at this location, and that this request does not violate my local laws, nor is being used to test any local laws.

Include your MC/Visa number, or mail a check/MO/MC/Visa to: