This innocent, baby faced model, discovered by Dave in Austin in1993, took the online world by storm when she was finally photographed that Spring, days after her 18th birthday. She enchanted first CompuServe, then Delphi, and now the 'Web'.

During the shoot, it was becoming apparent Sage was about as bitchy as anyone could be without actually being killed immediately and dumped in a river. Dave related this to the online CompuServe community, and the name 'Bitchy RedHead' stuck with Sage!

If she had stuck to modeling, instead of disappearing from the face of the Earth, she'd be very well off by now.

Now we're looking for the next bitchy red-head!!

If you have the qualities of a child-like face on a woman's body, have natural (or very skillfully dyed) red hair, no tattoos or other body art, and can pose nude, then contact us!

We prefer someone who is in the Pittsburgh or Austin (Texas) area. Scan and send a recent snapshot to us at Search!

If you 'fit the bill', we'll be in touch!

(Please, no "agents" or significant others acting as agents. All entries MUST come from the model herself.)